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Note of Thursday, April 24th: Big changes to the American Pilgrims site are immediately around the corner! Be expecting a completely new site! In the switchover interval we are not accepting credential requests, but expect this service to be back up by Saturday, April 27th in the morning. Check back then!

While on their journey along the Camino de Santiago, pilgrims carry a credential (credencial), a document with which the pilgrim authenticates his or her progress by obtaining sellos (stamps) along the way. Sellos can be obtained at most hotels and inns, restaurants, bars, churches, museums, city halls, police stations and at all albergues.

When registering at an albergue, pilgrims will be asked to present their credential to verify that they are walking or cycling the Camino. In addition, upon reaching Santiago de Compostela, at the Oficina de Acogida de Peregrinos (Pilgrims' Welcome Office, Rúa Carretas, 33)  pilgrims can present the stamped credential to confirm that they have walked at least the last 100 kilometers or cycled at least the last 200 kilometers, whereupon they are able to receive a Compostela, a document that certifies their pilgrimage.

One can obtain a pilgrim credencial from numerous sources—including from American Pilgrims via this form—before you set out on the Camino or from sites actually on the Camino. The Camino associations in a number of other countries also offer credentials. For further information see the section "Other associations providing assistance to pilgrims" on our Internet Resources page.

 American Pilgrims on the Camino is pleased to provide credentials authorized by the Pilgrims Office in Santiago de Compostela. We are able to fill credential requests at no charge to individuals, families and small groups requesting up to 10 credentials total. (See note below about requests for between 11 and 20 credentials.) Membership in American Pilgrims is not required to receive a credential but donations are of course gratefully accepted, either online when you submit your credential request or by check to the address below.

          American Pilgrims on the Camino
          120 State Avenue NE # 303
          Olympia WA 98501-1131

 We require a $35 administrative fee to fill requests for 11 to 20 credentials, which is the maximum number we are able to provide.

We cannot provide credentials to travel agencies or commercial tour operators.

Please allow at least one month for processing for North American addresses and five weeks for all others! We will not use expedited delivery services, even if you offer to cover the cost.

 Please take note of the following:

  • Double-check your entries! About 10% of submissions have an error of some kind! Errors can result in delays or even non-delivery!
  • Be sure that your full credential name is the way you want it on your document.
  • If you are not the primary resident at the mailing address provide a C/O name.
  • We will not use expedited delivery services, even if you offer to pay for it.
  • You must use normal capitalization in all of your entries, i.e., not all caps and not all lower case. Correcting capitalization is a hand operation!
  • Please do not submit requests until within three months of your departure date. Count out three months from today. If you are departing after that, please submit your request later.
  • American Pilgrims does not share information from credential requests in any manner with any other organization or entity.

A note about sellos: Generally one sello per day is sufficient but the Pilgrims' Office in Santiago advises that all pilgrims should obtain two per day during the final 100 km if on foot or horseback or the last 200 km if on bicycle. On the francés this would be Sarria (112 km) or Ponferrada (205 km) respectively. Please note that this applies even to pilgrims who have started outside the 100 and 200 km limits.

 See our FAQs page for additional general information on the credential and the compostela.

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Rev 04/24/19