International Events

As part of its mission to support the international community of pilgrims, American Pilgrims on the Camino is interested in publicizing international events related to the Camino de Santiago or to events in countries other than the United States and Canada.

Pilgrimage and the Senses
June 7, 2019

With the release of its inaugural issue in 2006, The Senses and Society journal proclaimed a "sensual revolution" in the humanities and social sciences. The ensuing decade has seen a boom in sensory studies, resulting in research networks, museum exhibitions, and a wealth of publications. This interdisciplinary conference hosted at the University of Oxford aims to shed light on how sensory perception shapes and is shaped by the experience of pilgrimage across cultures, faith traditions, and throughout history. A call for papers has been issued. Further information is to be found at:

VII Congreso de Acogida Cristiana en los Caminos
Noviembre de 2019, a determinar los días

La fundación Acogida Cristiana en los Caminos de Santiago presentará la VII edición del Congreso Internacional que celebra anualmente. El congreso es abierto para todo el que quiera participar, debiendo inscribirse previamente mediante el formulario. Más información cuanto es disponible:

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