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For questions or comments regarding this website, American Pilgrims on the Camino or the Camino de Santiago, please review the contact information below. Please look through the specific areas of interest before contacting our general information e-mail address.

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By mail to:

American Pilgrims on the Camino
120 State Avenue NE #303
Olympia, WA 98501
Efax: 1-650-989-4057

General questions (but please look below for more specific addresses):

[email protected]

Membership questions and concerns:

[email protected]

For more specific questions or concerns, please contact us through the following e-mail addresses:

Pilgrim Credentials Questions
If you wish to request a credential and have not submitted an online credential request form, please click this link CREDENTIAL REQUEST.

Membership Questions
If you want to apply for membership and have not visited our Membership/Join page, please click this link MEMBERSHIP.

If you would like volunteer for American Pilgrims in some capacity and have not visited our Volunteer page, please click this link VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES.

The American Pilgrims Grant Program
If you haven't read the information on the American Pilgrims' Grants page, please click this link GRANTS.

The American Pilgrims Newsletter La Concha
If you are looking for the La Concha archive or information about submissions, please click this link LA CONCHA.

Pilgrim Gatherings
If you are seeking information about an upcoming annual Gathering of Pilgrims, please click this link NATIONAL GATHERINGS.

Hospitalero Training and Camino Support
If you want information about becoming or serving as an hospitalero or about hospitalero training offered by American Pilgrims, please click this link HOSPITALEROS.

Legacy Gifts
if you would like to discuss including American Pilgrims in your estate planning please contact us through [email protected].

American Pilgrims Local Chapters:

If you would like to inquire about forming a local chapter of American Pilgrims please contact us through [email protected]Visit the individual chapter pages through the Local Chapters page to see more information about chapter events. And you can contact the local chapters directly through these e-mail links:

Alamo (San Antonio, TX): [email protected]
Albuquerque, NM: [email protected]
Anchorage, Alaska: [email protected]
Atlanta, GA: [email protected]
Austin, TX: [email protected]
Boston, MA: [email protected]
Central Iowa (Des Moines, IA): [email protected]
Central Ohio (Columbus, OH): [email protected]
Central Pennsylvania (Carlisle, PA): [email protected]
Charlotte, NC: [email protected]
Chicago, IL: [email protected]
Chico, CA: [email protected]
Colorado Front Range (Denver-Boulder, CO): [email protected]
Greater Flagstaff, AZ: [email protected]
Hoosiers (Indianapolis, IN): [email protected]
Jacksonville, FL: [email protected]
Kansas City, MO and KS: [email protected]
Las Vegas, NV: [email protected]
Mid-Atlantic (Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland): [email protected]
Minneapolis, MN: [email protected]
New York City, NY: [email protected]
North Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX): [email protected]
Northeast Oklahoma (Tulsa, OK): [email protected]
Northern California (Bay Area to Sacramento, CA): [email protected]
Northern New England: [email protected]
Old Pueblo (Tucson, AZ): [email protected]
Orlando, FL: [email protected]
Philadelphia, PA: [email protected]
Portlandia (Portland, OR): [email protected]
Puget Sound (Seattle, WA): [email protected]
Raleigh, NC: [email protected]
Sacramento, CA: [email protected]
St. Louis, MO: [email protected]
Salt Lake City, UT: [email protected]
San Diego, CA: [email protected]
Santa Barbara, CA: [email protected]
Silicon Valley (South San Francisco Bay, CA): [email protected]
South Bend, IN: [email protected]
South Florida (Miami, FL): [email protected]
Southeast Michigan: [email protected]
Southeast Virginia (Norfolk, VA): [email protected]
Southern California (Greater Los Angeles, CA): [email protected]
Southern Oregon (Medford, OR): [email protected]
Southern Wisconsin: [email protected]
Spokane, WA: [email protected]
Tampa, Florida: [email protected]
Tennessee (Nashville, TN): [email protected]
Texas Gulf Coast (Houston, TX): [email protected]
Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, AZ): [email protected]
Western North Carolina (Asheville, NC): [email protected]

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